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Skip Rosell
July 27, 2012, 07:29 PM
Health first, work last.

I've been chatting up some young moms who are into couponing...
and also getting into cooking. Unlike their grandmas, who had home ec in school, these younger career women are getting more and more into the domestic thing, especially after the first kid.

I think there is a whole NEW generation, as well as the oldies like us, who would like to see some printed hotsheets.

See, the nice thing is you can custom tailor, and so, gardeners might receive hotsheets from other gardeners with tips, and offers...and reports or whatever. I can do a HOTSHEET on Anasazi Beans, for example.

Share my pan cookie recipe one month and then the ice cream...build a whole hotsheet around legumes for example.

OLD timers might enjoy the look and feel of the old guys newsletters, I always liked Dean DuValls everymonth...

But I loved those little mom and pop rags, one came out of Lake Worth, FL from a woman living in a trailer, a senior community and she always was a hoot to read.

MAKE it interesting, as well as an opportunity...I remember running ads for a buck or two...classified ads. Quarter page ads ran about 25 and full pgs for 100. Ten cents a prospect is not bad testing.

NOW, I'd have Granny C mix in some dating hotsheets, some cheat sheets hotsheets for gamers, and grow the numbers as they niched out.

Maybe a hotsheet for single guys, how to get girls type thing...

I don't think it has to be strictly biz op, and as I think about it, since most are only one or two pieces of paper, I'd offer FREE classified ads in my Chatteling Hotsheet.

10 to 15 pages should keep a reader busy for awhile.

I like the concept, but, want to TEST, not yet sure how to do that.

Maybe, I'll do like Glenn did with the book and post up 5 hotsheets and have readers vote, and the winner gets published, that seems to work.

Thanks Cornell,

PS. We have a squirrel problem, any hints on that?

Hi Gordon,

Thanks for asking.

Don't know about the rest but as far as the squireel problem there is only one solution. MOVE!

Best of success,

Skip Rosell

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