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August 5, 2012, 12:32 PM
I was reading a book, Science of Success by scam meister James Arthur Ray, guru to Oprah and soon to be released from prison...much too soon...

And I was thinking what a fraudster this guy is, the book, is pretty much a rehash of books written a hundred years ago by Wallace Wattles and others of the New Age movement.

Then I saw the UPS truck pull up, wondered if he was coming to me...and he did and he delivered Jim Staw's book...fastest Amazon order I've ever rec'd without paying for it. WOW.

So, I start to read it and see what the Old Master has to say.

If you've been a customer for awhile, you'll recognize some of the history of Jim...one thing nice is, unlike guys like James Arthur Ray (by the way, most serial killers are known by three names) who lie through their teeth...

Jim's real life stories have remained consistent over the last several decades. You can't make up the truth.

Here is what I think is of EXTREME value to people.

Jim is a smart cookie, a MENSA sort of a guy...and funny thing, Ive read all the books on his reading list...and still have most of them.

This is the first "mind" book, outside of neuro-science and brain research that gives an explanation about the so called sub-conscious mind.

This little chapter on what it is and how it really works is worth 1000 times the cost of the book.

See, I too had trouble throughout my life with visualization and manifestation and every time I had a success, I too, made the wrong assumption I had discovered the SECRET.

And my list of SECRETS grew longer and longer, from the Parker Publishing company's list of "metaphysical" experts, like the Miracle of New Avatar Power to my studies of Edgar Cayce at Virginia Beach through the
New Agers, including all the "stars"...like William Walker Atkinson to Judge Troward.

I mention this for the newer members of SowPub, old timers have read all about my journey into the metaphyscial and magical.

So, I was very IMPRESSED with how Jim explained how the so-called sub-conscious mind and also his explanation of the fallacy of a Master Mind GROUP...is radically different from these mind gurus.

Jim Staw has filled in blanks.

He has given us an explanation as to WHY and HOW the mind works when it comes to achievement and what the mystics call manifestation

Unlike the JA Rays of the world, Jim has moved over 500 million dollars of products and services through the economy...and if you've been around a long time, maybe you too, remember his Finder's Fee and newsletters.

The short version is this.

Buy JIM's Book NOW. Turn to page 27. Fort those of you older SowPub members, it will sound familiar.

And you'll find my Square One Workshops to be in synch with what Jim Straw reveals in his book, Mustard Seeds, Shovels & Mountains.

Get the book, and get the rest of the story as it regards using your MIND to achieve your goals...

Remember my TRIAD?

Doubt is a shadow of fear.
Confidence is a reflection of experience.
ACTION is the revelation of faith.

OK. HOTSHEETS. The samples will be mailed out tomorrow, thanks to all who "ordered" them.

WAY back in the day, the so-called INNER CIRCLE Publications were little one and two page hotsheets, or advertising circular. They were good for testing ideas and products, before you went to the big magazines or sent out to a mail list.

These little circulars worked, albeit on a small potatoes basis. It was not uncommon to get 200 to 300 CASH per day for your folios, recipes, booklets, hotsheets, plans, etc.

That WAS peanuts compared to thousands of dollars that came into a big mailorder company...even those little one man bands, like J.F. (Jim) Straw, Dean F. V. DuVall, Jerry Buchanan, Joe Karbo...

But, hey, I've always been a Fly Low and Collect the Dough and if you keep your wants in check, then getting 200-300 bux EXTRA a day...well, it goes a long way to making life a little bit easier.

I don't know.

Is the best I can tell you, but, I want to find out if there is a new generation whom might get a kick out of receiving these personal little homemade, ugly but from the heart hotsheets. We'll build a list, but the main emphasis is on how to make money, save money or have a better lifestyle.

Stay at home moms/dads, opportunity seekers, Internet Marketers, may be open to this...

Again, those of you that ordered the sample pack, should have them in a few days...they go out in tomorrow's mail.

Gordon Jay Alexander

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