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Robert J.
August 25, 2012, 03:29 PM
Gordon, I hope your friend isn't a day late and a cupcake short.

I was going to post that IMHO, the cupcake fad had burned out already. This was big of a few years ago, with the Cupcake Wars show, and Cupcake Trucks all over US cities.

So I googled for some confirmation of my "theory."

Found this rather dis-heartening account ...


If your friend is a baker with a passion for the sweeter things in life, he should still be fine.

If he's an entrepreneur with his eyes on "big bucks," it might be a tougher sell and require some really solid marketing on a daily basis.

The cupcake market is "made to order" (baked to order?) for social networking ... twitter, facebook ... and of course, good "old school" marketing that still works!

Direct mail in the neighborhood?

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