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August 31, 2012, 10:30 AM
With a few LOUD and bOisTERous exceptions, most of us do Internet Marketing in some form.

Time is time. How one spends it making money is a choice.

Some prefer the air conditioned office, others like the street and shoe leather approach.

For many of us, at the end of the day, it is what we want to do with our TIME.

Making money can be as simple as cleaning headlights, detailing cars, washing windows or whatever one chooses to do.

Some like Real Estate...as a former licensed agent, I hated it. The "true" RE biz, not the speculative part. I don't like it either.

Some sell Insurance.

Others make pizza or sell to the pizza shop owner.

I sold websites and such over a decade ago, some think too early in the game...when Bill Myers first came out with his software eShowcase.

Most SowPubbers are quiet, seldom post, just keep an eye on things. Almost all are somehow, someway involved in IM even if it is only to promote THEIR off line businesses.

Best EZ monies, In MY Opinion, is to have a TOLL position, a passive income source, then you can choose to spend your time doing other things than chasing after the dollar.

The Warrior Forum IS about ON LINE money making, and it has hundreds of thousands of "members" one guesses. It shows a desperation for doing nothing and making a lot of money. Those Warriors who have made it, have put in as much and often MORE Time than a new couple to Amway does...like a life of time.

Anyhow, just because we don't harp on it day after day, there is a lot going on here BEHIND THE SCENES than appears to be.

We sort of pride ourselves on the Quality of Visitors we have, contribute to the forum, you become an insider. Use the forum to self promote only or to shill or PIMP stuff, you won't be a member very long, OK?

Gordon Alexander

Ok so I am 27, have done sales since I was 15 and just recently had 2 year out of the game due to certain circumstances. I may be young but I was raised by my grandparents, and inherited ALOT of there old school behaviors. Don't get me wrong, I love and use the interwebs daily, but when I was top producer in my loan office, I didn't even have a web site. Just shook hands, kissed babies, yellow note pads, and telephones with cords on em. Recently my RE biz has came to a screeching halt as finding a deal that can be owner financed and isnt upside down to the hilt in Vegas is near impossible. ( My niche) It is an all cash game right now, and I have little. I mean don't get me wrong, I am about to start cleaning headlights like the rest of you, but doesn't anyone follow the OTHER entrepreneur forum, we'll call it ninjaforum. Were as this forum is more face to face, old school, hit the streets, they are all about internet marketing. I have been reading some of the little hotsheets they all sell, we will call them NSO's. And by gummit, helping local businesses get their ass online seems to be profitable. I swore I would never abandon Real Estate, but I have uncovered slowly, a way to get business sending a very small amount of direct mail, get paid upfront nearly a grand, and then a couple hundred bux ongoing monthly, for getting these local businesses to the top of google using some sneaky seo tactics. Nothing unethical, all whitehat. Just damn smart. I am about to bite and send out my batch of mailers to 3 different biz niches I wittled down, and see where it goes. It just sounds so profitable and more air conditioned than cleaning headlights. And I mean that with all due respect, cuz if my mailers flop, best believe Ill be spitshining those bad boys with the rest of ya lol.

Long story short.... Has anyone ventured into this field of helping local bizs with their online presence? Is it not as viable as them over at ninjaforum make it out to be?

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