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September 6, 2012, 10:28 AM
Recently a local guy was busted for planting marijuana in one of our Metro Parks.

NO, this isn't about growing your own weed, although the Legal growers in CA seem to be doing well.

NOR is it about tobacco, one of the fastest rising homegrown crops in America.

I'm talking MUSHROOMS and NOT the magic kind either. Mushroom stores are sprouting up everywhere.

Part of the World FOLK Medicine lore, part of the alternative and supplement biz...the benefits of mushrooms, mostly anecdotal have started to get mainstream medicine tested for their "healing" properties.

Plus, they do make a great soup.

KITS are being sold, and basements everywhere are becoming fungi infested for food and profits.

You want a trend...old in CALIF, but new in most parts of USA. Mushroom stores, more profitable than cupcakes.

You are welcome, again.

Gordon Alexander

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