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September 9, 2012, 10:48 AM
Climb up on someone's roof.

Fall off. Call paramedics.
Go to hospital.

Several months later sue the homeowner.

Collect thousands of dollars.

Except for the collection of the dough, this is a true story. In progress.

I'll let you know how it turns out.

At least in the desert you can throw their sorry carcass back on the runway and provide a feast to the local critters.


PS. Boz (and ALL other SowPub members) can I borrow a 100 bux until I can flip the first contract? Guarantee you a 13% return and you can roll your investment over with each deal, fair enough? he he.

I don't think that is one of the rules. You may be better off buying a gun with the 100 bux.:p

Depends on the reality you happen to believe in. Anything is possible, or at least seems to be possible.

A plan that I have seen work is to use the 100 bux as option money instead of purchase money.

Spend whatever time it takes. You're looking for a seller. Seller is offering at around $24,000, and he privately thinks that if he can get that price he will be stabbing a fat hog in the ass. His perception is that whatever he is offering is worth around half that, 10k-12k or so.

You offer him 100 bux, or why not 10? for an option to buy his deal at 24k. Meanwhile you hop across the street, or continent, and sell the deal for 5 times what your seller gets.

Percieved value is more valuable than most people's idea of true value.

There are no rules.

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