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September 15, 2012, 03:57 PM
This is in response to an email. One of my long time friends and customers, who has had the Chattel Report for many years now. His specialty is musical instruments.

Here are questions I'd ask you if you sent me an email about buying and selling musical instruments and hopefully, you'll learn a lesson.

Within 50 miles of downtown Cleveland, let's say from the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame there are scores, literally dozens and dozens of High Schools and Colleges.

So, I'd ask you, how many of these have bands with band directors? How many of these people do you know?

How many have you contacted? To let them know you buy and sell musical instruments?

Within that same 50 miles, there are dozens of music shops, all buy used instruments, ALL of them sell musical instruments. How many of these people do you know?

Within that same 50 miles, there are so many music teachers I couldn't count. How many music teachers in your area do you know?

Sounds like a lot of work. How much work is it spread over 10 years?

How much effort would it take to do a mailing to each of these people, a simple letter...and how easy is it to find out the Band Director of each high school/college? My answer, pretty dang easy.

100 letters would cost about 50 bux.

50 bux to build a NETWORK who have direct contact with people who buy and sell musical instruments. Bands are part of that Parade of Life I talk about in The Sprint to Freedom Chattel Report.

I suggest Bikes. How many bicycle shops are there in your area? How many bike CLUBS? Heck in small Akron, we have bikers who are casual riders, racers, bike clubs who do 50 mile type, off road, and the very popular bike rodeo...or hill or racers.

Each uses a different type of bike. The BMXer is now spending hundreds of dollars on his/her bike. Parents are spending small fortunes to drive these kids around to competitions.

Tour guys, like Lance Armstrong, spend THOUSANDS on their bikes.
Casual riders spend hundreds.
Kids buy for 100 and you find these in yard sales for 10.

So a NETWORK of Buyers/Sellers would include YOU knowing all the bike repair shops, all the "Presidents" of Bike Clubs, all the owners of land where BMX is done, all the resale shops where they might sell bikes.

Consider a 5,000 dollar bike can be easily transported on the back of the smallest car with a rack, readily available on craigslist/ebay almost anytime...

And there you have BUYERS and using the simple buy there/sell here you can make money with bikes.

Or musical instruments. There is about 10 miles as the crow flies between Cuyahoga Falls and West Akron, just a serene, small valley to cross, takes about 15 minutes...but I know this for a FACT, most people won't cross the valley to buy chattel.

People on the East side of Cleveland won't go to the West side.

So, my point is this...time is time. You can't go back and build your networks of buyers...but you can go forward.

IF you have a hobby which involves chattel, how long would it take, how much would it cost to send a letter to people who are already buying and selling stuff, like golf clubs, guns, knives, comic books, antiques, musical instruments, art work, bikes, appliances, watches, shoes, purses...and so on and so on.

IF you are a musician, how much time and effort will it take to start building a network of ready buyers?

Cornell posted about knowing someone who sells Wicker stuff. HE saw some sitting on the curb, had a ready buyer and flipped the stuff for some ez cash in his pocket, without much effort.

Imagine if a year from now, you KNEW who the band directors were. Imagine they knew you were a buyer/seller of musical instruments.
Imagine how many kids quit band every year and how many instruments get bought and sold.

Imagine how many People will be trying for America Got's Some Talents...

MILLIONS of people who start bands, then move on.

Imagine if YOU were to take some TIME AND build your networks, I guarantee you wouldn't have any problem finding good deals and then flipping for a profit.

Folks, it ain't brain surgery, rocket science or even Remote Direct Copywriting...it's pretty dang simple.

Buy...then sell for a profit. As THEY say, rinse, repeat and then do it again.

Gordon Alexander

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