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October 9, 2012, 06:10 AM
Happy [belated] Thanksgiving... Only in Canada EH! ... :)

Since, I'm just a little bit late on the 2012 Wishes...

A Blast from the Past and A little bit of History, those who just Might be slightly interested in a few added Quick History lessons & Education on Happy Thanksgiving! ... Throughout North America etc...

Florida teacher chips away at Plymouth Rock Thanksgiving myth

By the way... All this Other Talk of Cold Winters around the Corner...

Why Haven't you [All] started Planning your Retirement years, Far away from Winter Canada to Canada's Mildest, Eco Tourism money making Paradise...

Start enjoying Life's most Important years deep West, Vancouver Island and/or Vancouver, those requiring Bigger City... Entrepreneurial $$Money$$ making Lifestyle & Living... ;)

After Freezing for 30-40 Years with Canadian Winters it was Time!

Just Can't beat those truly Wonderful mild Winters...

And if You need [Hotter] Tropical weather, once in awhile... Endless other Destinations and Options with a little Hard Earned Cash! ...

All the best,

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