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Dien Rice
October 12, 2012, 04:54 PM
Please don't Take anything Too personal here...

Life situations, A New Path of Opportunities for Many! ...

Just Sharing A Growing [Trending] topic, Unfortunately and your Own Opinions...

Of course All our Beliefs are Somewhat different Sometimes...

{Think} really Out of the Box on these Ideas...

With a Few [Smart] & Creative Twists here & there...

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For parting couples, a custom newspaper announces the divorce to friends and family

The Divorce Newspaper is a Japanese innovation that helps broadcast news of a breakup quickly and efficiently to friends and loved ones.

Must, must Watch! Very Carefully...

Study, Learn... Take Action! ... :cool:

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Hi Phil,

The divorce newspaper is an interesting business. Divorce is a very sensitive topic - yet it can be very hard to tell your friends about a "break up"... The video was funny, too!

A friend of mine broke up earlier this year with her boyfriend of 8 years (I'm not sure who initiated it - I didn't ask). I had dinner with her (and a few other friends) where she broke the news. She just stated it when she arrived (she was the last to arrive at the restaurant)... "I'll just get it out of the way, Calvin and I just broke up." However, clearly, it was a very difficult time for her... (Calvin is not her ex's real name.)

Here's another unusual trend - divorce parties!

The rise of divorce parties

Divorce Parties on the Rise as Divorce Becomes Acceptable

Divorce, in Style

Anyway, having said that - divorce is a very sensitive issue, and usually a difficult time for everyone. Perhaps a "divorce party", in some cases, is a way of "masking" the pain...

Best wishes,


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