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November 2, 2012, 01:13 PM
As time draws nigh....

I sit on the sidelines (in another country) watching, learning, listening, analyzing....

As a marketer.... I too am concerned with the politico of the the United States of America as it affects my business.

I don't know why so many (not all) of the Americans are blind (perhaps brainwashed, or tunnel vision, or just can't analyze and rationalize the facts) as to not see what is really happening to their country.

From my perspective.... it is with fervent daily prayer that the populace wakes up from the falsehoods and vote the right way for the survival of the country....to remove the evil.

For sure no one knows the incumbent's true capabilities as the leader of a nation because he has never been tried in that capacity (State of Massachusetts withstanding)....but....the track record of the current one and the indications of where he is leading points to ruination.

It would be an abomination to see a great country sink and self destruct because the people couldn't see the writing on the wall.

Government is a business and requires a business mentality to run it....not a lawyer who's mentality is to confuse and obfuscate realities behind legal jargon and illusion of words that hide what is real.

I wish the Americans God speed in their endeavor...and my sympathies to all should they make the wrong decision.

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