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Dien Rice
January 23, 2013, 08:58 AM
Saw that little jewel, pun intended. Would be nice to find for sure.

If you live in the continental U.S., go to Washignton, CA. It is located on the South Fork of The Yuba River and was settled during the CA gold rush in 1849

A friend of mine used to live there. When I visited I saw how many people still sloosh for gold. Amazing what they are taking out of that river.

BTW, the town may have 200 residents. Nice place to visit and maybe strike it rich.
As some others here may have also seen, I've seen some of those cable TV shows on finding gold in Alaska... Like "Bering Sea Gold," "Gold Rush: Alaska," and there may be others...

What these shows demonstrate is that there are still prospectors out there!

However, instead of panning for gold, they may be dredging for it, or digging for it...

Anyway, those shows are fascinating.

The guy who started the trend of these slew of reality TV shows of people doing hard work (it started with "Deadliest Catch") is Thom Beers.

There's a fascinating article about him here, from the New York Times...


Apparently, since he started these shows, a lot more people are trying to do this kind of work... whether it's crab fishing, dredging for gold, and so on...

Any way to sell tools to these (new) gold miners?

Best wishes,


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