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Dien Rice
July 8, 2013, 02:00 AM
Imagine you have a ceramics repair and restoration business. What do you do when you're frustrated?

You can't smash your own china plates in frustration - since then, you'd just have to repair them again later (since that's your business). It'd be a big hassle!

Most likely, you'd go to a business like the following...

In this business in Japan, people pay to smash china plates to get out their aggression and frustration! (And nobody has to put the plates back together again.)


It could be a great way to get out the frustration!

I'm sure smashing plates is fun! (I wish this business existed near me...!)

Apparently, the plates which are smashed are defective ones, which can't be sold anyway. Also, they've set it up in the back of a truck, which would keep costs down. "Plate smashers" also wear a mask for protection.

There's more information here...


Also, here's a mention of a similar business in China, which is not limited to just smashing plates, but also other household objects with a baseball bat... (Though for some reason, it's only open to women.)



Best wishes!


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