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August 26, 2013, 05:58 PM

It pays BIG to FAIL.

I sell 3 to 10 TIMES more books if I Headline Test.
(IF I wing it - sales Tank.)

As long as you don't spent time and munny on each FAILURE.

"Failure" and "Test" mean the same thing.

And this may be why most folks FAIL at selling their books and info products.
They Skip the Testing Step.

I ALWAYS Flunk Badly at choosing the winning title.

So I BRIBE my customers to share their Opinions of a list
of the best Headlines I've written.

Then Switch to the winner.

Here is a Recent Headline Test for My Newest Book:


Post your Opinion BELOW - as to Your Best Guess on the winner.

In a couple days - IF anyone shares their Headline Choice Here...

I'll post the winning Book title.

The one that got 5 TIMES more votes than all the rest.

If nobody cares and shares.

The Winner will Remain a Mystery.


I'm cheerfully Blackmailing you.



Pick Your #1 Top Favorite Headline and Email it Back to me at Rentamentor1@gmail.com - in order to Get The 2 Bil-lionaire Brothers Report.

Our Headline List:

___A - How to Write Case Studies and Testimonial Stories that SLAP
Your Readers Awake

___B - If Laughter is a Nifty S-ales Trance State--How Do We Use it in Print?

___C - The Story of a Bad Little Boy Feeding Super Spinach to Dogs, Cats & People for P-a-y-It-Forward FUN

___D - How to Double The Persuasive Power of Your Testimonials and Case Study Story Telling

___E - How to Write For Munny By Dropping NLP Case Studies into the Mix

___F - How to Build a Power-Packed Testimonial or Case Study with This 53 Page Book

___G - 5 Secrets of How to Write Case Studies, Testimonials and Success Stories That Compel Readers to P-a-y You

Thank You For Sending me You #1 Headline PICK,
Glenn Osborn

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