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August 13, 2013, 10:38 PM
CHAPTER #2 - "How We Got Randy's 250 Pound War Dog "Sister" to Lose
Weight So She Didn't Suffer So Much in The 120 Degree Texas Heat"

Randy was flat on his back in a Veteran's Hospital when we first met.

Randy bought a copy of my "How to Fight PAIN and Win" book off E-bay.
Then told me he'd get me the munny as soon as he pawned a Kruggerand at
a nearby pawn shop.

When I found out he was in the Critical Care Unit of the military hospital and
just back from his 2nd tour in Iraq. And Wanted to get back to his teenage son and his dog at home...

I said, "Forget about it."

And sent him his "Pain Relief" book.

I also Federal Expressed Randy a couple Bottles of my personal Supply of
Super Spinach. And called his cell to walk him through my QUICK Results
Directions. Learned the hard way as I coached dozens of my customers to
better health.

Randy explained that he and his Black Opps group had been sprayed with
Agent Orange.

In Vietnam Agent Orange was used to strip leaves off trees. In Iraq Agent
Orange is mixed with an Excellerant and dropped from airplanes and drones
so as to burn enemy tanks from the air.

So now he had all kinds of serious Untreatable health problems.

But after a couple weeks of popping Acidophilus to cleanse his colon. And
eating 10 or 20 Super Blue Green Algae OMEGA a day... Randy climbed out
of bed. Got a cab. Went home.

And Then Randy told me about his dog "Sister."

I asked, "What kind of dog is it?"

Randy didn't know.

"How Big is Sister?"

Randy said, "Well. my head fits in her mouth with room to spare. She was
specially trained to rescue soldiers in War."

I asked, "How does a Dog "Rescue" a soldier after he's been shot?"

Sister is Trained to
Run out into GunFire
And Rescue Injured men

"Sister is trained to run out into gunfire. Drag injured soldiers to safety.
Ignore pain. So she still has bullet fragments in her body they couldn't
get out."

I'm thinking, "Wow. That is not an average dog to have inside your house."

Next I asked Randy, "So why do you want Sister to lose weight? Iraq is hot

Randy explained that in Iraq they went out on patrols. But came back to
a very cold air-conditioned compound at night. At Randy's house it was
120 degrees outside. In the 80's inside.

Sister had to pant all the time. Was hot. And at 250 pounds needed to lose
some weight.

I said, "Yikes. Now I understand how Sister could grab a man by the arm or
leg and drag him to shelter. She's a monster."

Randy laughed.

The Mail Woman Wants to Pet
Sister but I Can't Tell her
She is Trained to Rip The
Arms off of Strangers

"The lady who brings the mail sees Sister propped up against the front door.
Wants to pet her. But she's been trained to take the arm off of a stranger.
Only eats raw meat twice a day. Won't take food or orders from anyone
but me."

"Aha!" I said, "That's why you got her. Nobody but you can control her."

Randy agreed. "I was getting on the armored personnel carrier when they
told me they'd have to shoot her if I didn't take her with me. So I hitched a
ride on a gooney bird transport. The rest of the guys took a passenger jet

I was incredulous. "What?" I was speechless. "I've heard about those
planes. 22 hours or more on a plane. No seats. Not beds. You're strapped
to the side of a wall. Incredibly cold. Noisy.

Randy held Sister in his lap the whole way.

So Randy is asking difficult questions now.

"So You got me Energized enough to get out of that hospital. Will it help "Sister"?

HOW DO YOU Get Super Spinach
Into a 250 Lb Dog Trained to
Never Eat Btwn Meals?

I;m thinking outloud now - over the phone....

"Well, yeah. If You Get Enough of it into her she won't lie around. She'll
trot and run everywhere. I've got customers who suddenly find themselves
with restless - "Happy Feet" and start going on walks with the wife or playing
with the kids instead of TV."

They lose the belly and love handles and don't change anything.

Randy and I couldn't think of a way to Get Capsules
Of Super Spinach down Sisters Throat without
Randy Getting Bitten


I emailed my "Big Red Nose New Ideas Testing Ezine" List.

And Voila!

A man in colorado had the answer.

So Randy got big jars of Peanut butter. Grabbed a handful out of the jar.
And Stuck 10 or 20 Super Spinach Capsules into the peanut gunk.

Told Sister, "Open your mouth."

Then scraped a huge wad of peanut butter off his hand
behind her front teeth.

And for the next 30 minutes Sister worked at the peanut butter with her
tongue. Little by little she licked it all away.

Never realizing that she was swallowing Massive Natural Minerals and
vitamins in the process.

Randy reported back.

"Glenn You will never Believe it. Sister is galloping all over the place.
Her big ears flop in the breeze. And her front and hind legs and feet
stick out in all directions when she runs. It looks Awesome."

And Yes. Sister lost a lot of Weight.

One Final note.

An odd side effect of mega-boosting Sisters Immune System was... Bullet
fragments began to get pushed out of her body. Randy said he kept finding
Sister licking a sore bump on her leg or side.

And had to give Sister the Command word to "STAY STILL" while he cut
each bullet out. Sewed up the skin.

CHAPTER #3 - How to Chop Up a Long Case Study like the
WAR DOG Story into Shorter Testimonials.

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