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August 13, 2013, 12:38 AM

I just met a woman with 13,000 customers.

10,000+ spend 100.00 or more a month.

Let me get my calculator. I'll look like a jerk if I add it up wrong.

12 months times 100.00 a mo = 1200.00 smackers

1200 X 10,000 buyers = $12,000,000.00


So I woke up last night with an idea.

A Win-Win idea.

Why not use some of the 100's of Testimonials and Case Studies on Barbara's website to write a book? I ASKED PERMISSION and Barbara said, "YES."

The Basic Idea in Headline Form Reads Like This:

"How to Quickly Write & Sell Books
By Borrowing Headlines & Case Study
Stories That Already Gross 12 Million
Dollars a Year"

Book I Title Might Be...

"How to Write Testimonials and Case Studies That Sell For-You
So You Don't Have To."


Because I'm too close to this. One or two Chapters may STINK. Others
might be fantastic and should be moved to the front of the book.

And to be Truthful...

I've discovered during Tests that my Opinion of What Readers will LIKE
is Always WRONG. Always.

The WIN-Win-Win here works like this...

Barbara gets a book she can share with 13,000 current customers. If They
Give the book away and bring new folks back to her website...Barb and her
buyers all Make More munny.

You Benefit Because You Get to Watch The Process of Creating and Testing
a new book to Guarantee it sells.

I Get Feedback. Your Opinion of what You Like and Dislike. And plan to
SELL the dang book to my ezine readers. A Triple Win.

(EDITORS NOTE - Dien - if you don't like the idea you can DELETE me. But
Seth Godin writes his books Chapter by Chapter on his website. Then sells
the same DARN book to his ezine list. Sounds Up-side-Down/Backwards to me. So. I - gotta - Try - it.)

Sounds too STUPID to work. Doesn't it?


Here we go.

INTRODUCTION - How We Helped The Customer Who SleepWalked and Ate
Entire Cakes and Pies in his SLEEP...

I Swear this is true. I'm not making anything up.

IN FACT - I'm sitting here with one hand on a stack of Bibles.


Not one hand. One foot.

You get the idea. IF you doubt me Go Ahead and Google it. "SleepWalkers
Who Eat in their Sleep."

This poor Schmuck was on the phone with me week after week. He
discussed the Adkins diet, the lettuce diet, the water diet. All sorts of Diet
Torture plans.

Yet week after week he gained more and more weight!

I told Craig, "It's impossible to be eating as little as you claim and still gain
weight. You must not be counting all your meals."


Then his wife caught him raiding the refrigerator. He carried all the
ingredients for a HUGE Submarine sandwich to the table.

Built it.

Ate it.

But ignored her.


Next Day she told him what he'd done.

He Didn't remember! Told her she was crazy. Denied the whole Binge Eating episode.

So she did some on-line research.

Then made a plan.

First - She Tied a BELL to their bedroom door after hubby went to sleep.

2nd - She had her iPhone and her video camera ready and loaded in the
dining room.

3rd - She took photos and video of Craig eating an Entire Chocolate Cake. Then BUSTED him with her proof.

Since he didn't remember -- visits to various Doctors Followed.

Long Story Short...

NOTHING WORKED. Even hypnosis failed.



ONE THING did work. My research showed that Sleepwalkers Cannot solve
complex problems in their sleep.


Craig went out and bought a long piece of logging chain. Put a complicated
Big-Ass Padlock on it. Wrapped it around the Refrigerator and through the
door handles.

EVENTUALLY the wife got tired of getting up in the wee hours. Craig tended
to get noisy/frustrated and Wrassle the Frig around when he couldn't get it

So she took to feeding Craig large amounts of Vegetables and salads and
fruit just before bedtime.

THAT seemed to help a lot.

Why Am I telling you this?

Because You Probably Think Your Weight Situation is Bad.





It might not be quite as bad as you think.

So here's the plan.

I'm going to Share a bunch of Successful Testimonials and Case Studies Here.
Many of them are not so good. But they convinced folks to buy anyway.

We're going to show you how to do it better.

Write better Testimonials.

You have two jobs.

Job #1 - Laugh your way thru the book as we show and tell you Specific
ways to Improve Your Testimonial and Case Study writing in order to make
more munny.

Job #2 - Check and see whether any of the folks whose Wgt Loss Stories
we're sharing are a good "Fit" with you or a loved one.

When You Find an idea, strategy, tactic you like... Jump on it like a mother
robbin jumps on a june bug.

HINT - The underlying weight loss secret shared by all of these Testimonials
is a Natural source of Minerals and Nutrition SO Powerful that you don't feel
tired after work.

Your feet feel restless. You find yourself moving around. Without counting
calories or thinking about it you Lose Wgt. Much better than torturing yourself with diets that don't work.

I wouldn't be writing this book except for the fact that I haven't caught a cold or gotten a flu bug for 23 years. Due to one mineral that Barb sells. And Yup I'm sort of thin. Probably could lose 5 lbs though.

So I already DID my due diligence.


CHAPTER #1 is up next...

The Woman Who Slept 14 Hours a day and woke up Tired with a Mysterious Illness - Gained wgt - 24 Serious Symptoms the Doctors Could Not Diagnose.

Glenn Osborn

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