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Dien Rice
August 20, 2013, 10:25 AM
Robert Kiyosaki often says his rich dad said it was like playing a game. Not like playing hopscotch or the hokey pokey - but like playing Monopoly.

Robert Kiyosaki once said...

"And my rich dad did teach me to be a real estate investor playing monopoly. Whereas my poor dad -- the school teacher -- said, "Put that silly monopoly game away, go back to school, get good grades and get job". And my rich dad would tell me, "Monopoly is...the formula for great wealth is found in monopoly". And we all know the formula to play a great game -- four green houses, 1 red hotel. And I'm like, "Is that all it takes?" And he says, "Yeah". So the difference was my rich dad was actually playing monopoly in real life, so I would go with him -- starting at the age of 9 -- and I actually saw what looked like his 'green houses', they weren't green but he says, "These are my green houses". Then by the time I was 19 -- ten years later -- my rich dad bought a major chunk of Waikiki Beach, he had the 'red hotel' right in the middle of Waikiki Beach. So in ten years I saw him go from nothing to one of the richest men in Hawaii."

From a 2005 interview... http://edition.cnn.com/2005/WORLD/asiapcf/03/16/talkasia.kiyosaki.script/

Now that we know that his "rich dad" was Richard Kimi, it all makes sense.

Richard Kimi played Monopoly, but for real. He built low-rent houses on the big island of Hawaii, then he later built hotels, first on the "big island," then all over Hawaii - just like Monopoly. And yes, he did own a hotel right on Waikiki beach, too - the Waikiki Biltmore Hotel - just like Robert Kiyosaki said.

Maybe I better stop doing the hokey pokey, and bust out that old Monopoly set! :)

- Dien

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