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September 1, 2013, 12:57 AM

Just found this in the Wall Street Journal.

And since my 2 brothers and I used to chase HEALTHY steers and pigs
around our farm - or neighbors farms.

The idea of eating Cattle or Pigs IN PAIN - bothers me.

Anybody ELSE read this anywhere else?


Hitting the High Points
about USA Meat Production...Safety

For the past NINE YEARS the FDA has permitted use of Zilmax and Optiflex
(Made by Merck & Eli Lilly) in 70% of United States livestock s-old to

Tyson Foods - the Largest USA meat processor told Cattle Suppliers they
would “Suspend purchases of animals fed with Zilmax on account of
ambulatory problems.”

A week later Merck suspended s ales of Zilmax to do a new study.

Used this way the word “Ambulatory” means steers can’t WALK.

We raised steers for years.

***I watched them run like horses.

***Jump fences like antelope.

***Dodge around trees AND me while I was chasing them.


Originally Designed to combat ASTHMA in humans.

Beta-Agonist Drugs were found to rapidly boost lean muscle gains in cattle
and pigs...just before slaughter.

Zilmax is a 159 mil-lion sized Business in the USA and Canada 2012.

But it is BANNED in Russia and many other countries.

FDA - has done NUTHIN!

Has to be REAL BAD for the meat packer to be the one to put on the brakes.


When I was a kid we raised steers on our 50 acres and s-old them - as an
inexpensive way to MOW off the grass.

We Did take them to a local slaughter house - and got cheap hamberger and
steaks that way.

SINCE THEN I’ve stopped eating Steak and hamberger.


Because Steak doesn’t TASTE RIGHT to me. Not like home grown.

has gone wrong.

Glenn Osborn

P.S. - OR COURSE - The Wall Street Journal cannot say more than the above
without Proof or get sued.

But the Old Saying “where there is smoke there is Fire” - seems to apply here.

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