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Dien Rice
September 1, 2013, 02:52 PM
Sometimes it's fun to "people watch."


One reason is you can see what ordinary people are like. Unlike on TV, ordinary people are not perfect, so it is okay if you are not perfect, too!

Another reason, is, "people watching" can be just interesting... It makes you wonder, where are they going? What is happening with their lives? How are their lives different from my life? These questions can be stimulating...

That's why I sometimes go to a cafe to work - I can set up my laptop computer, and work from there, and watch the people in the cafe, or walking along the street, at the same time!

(Somehow, I often seem to work better in these conditions... I think it provides just enough distraction so I never get bored, but not too much distraction so I can't work...)

However, it's not always convenient to go out to "people watch"...

Thanks to wonderful webcams, you can stay home!

Now, most webcams online aren't that good for this. They tend to be long-shots of buildings, where people (if you see any at all) look more like ants.

However, there are some good webcams where you can "people watch"... I find it a pleasant distraction every now and then.

Plus... If you work for yourself or by yourself, working from home can sometimes feel a bit lonely if there's no one else around, and it can help counter those feelings of loneliness...

(You have to check the time of day at that location, since if it's night time, you might not see much.)

Anyway, here are a few good "people watching" webcams, so you can still feel like a "part of society" - even from home... Check 'em out!

US Webcams

The News Cafe, Miami

Bourbon Street (outside the Cat's Meow, 1st story), New Orleans

Bourbon Street (outside the Cat's Meow, 2nd story), New Orleans

Mission Beach, San Diego

Sheri's Sweet Shoppe, Winthrop, WA
(click on "Viewing Mode" to make it "Live Feed")

International Webcams

Oviso Bar, Barcelona, Spain
(click on "Viewing Mode" to make it "Live Feed")

Restaurant patio, Dronten, Netherlands
(click on "Viewing Mode" to make it "Live Feed")

Abbey Road Crossing, UK

Gifu, Japan
(click on "Viewing Mode" to make it "Live Feed")

Finally... If you're interested, here's the Wikipedia entry on people watching (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/People_watching)!

Best wishes!


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