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Dien Rice
September 19, 2013, 05:36 AM
This New Jersey mom's son has allergies. She wanted to keep him safe...and turned it into a business that helps other kids with allergies, too.

My favorite line in the article:
"(She) has watched her late-night passion project become a multimillion-dollar product."


The Foreign Language Library Online
Thanks for posting about this, Cindy. What a great business!

As well as doing well for herself, Iris Shamus is helping many people too, by solving an important problem.

Allergies can be extremely dangerous - children can die as a result. Many parents would spend lots of money to prevent that from happening. They don't want their kids to die through an allergy-related accident (which can and does happen).

In this case, they only need to spend $6.99 for a wrist band to help prevent such a thing from happening. For such a parent, it's virtually a "no-brainer"...

The article doesn't mention it, but worry can be a great motivator, and we all worry about our own health and that of our loved ones...

And, also think about how many children's lives her product has potentially saved... It's a great solution to a very real problem!

She deserves all her success!

Thanks Cindy... What an inspiring story! :)

Best wishes,


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