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Animal rights activists haven't condemned this animal fashion business... yet! [Archive] - SOWPub Small Business Forums

View Full Version : Animal rights activists haven't condemned this animal fashion business... yet!

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Dien Rice
January 26, 2014, 12:57 AM
Whenever it comes to animals and fashion, often sparks fly!

Groups (like PETA) criticize people for wearing fur, leather, or anything animal-related - saying it's cruel.

However, this next business - while it is about animal fashion - has escaped the wrath of PETA so far...

Maybe it's because it's about a different kind of animal fashion...

It's fashion for animals! Specifically, for birds...

Avian Fashions makes products like "flight suits," hoodies, costumes, and leashes for pet birds...


A "flight suit" is just a fancy way of saying a "bird diaper" (or "bird nappy") - so it's quite practical (on occasion), so birds don't "poop" everywhere when they're wearing one.

I never knew such a business existed, until I read about it a couple days ago! Apparently, it seems to be thriving... Another unusual niche!

I found out about it from this article...


Here is their website...


Best wishes,


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