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Dien Rice
January 28, 2014, 09:36 AM
It's not often you see a self-made millionaire doing a lowly perceived job... Yet, one woman, Yu Youzhen, who is worth around $1.5 million US dollars in China... works as a street cleaner, where she gets paid just over $50 a week...

Why does she do this?

The reason she does it is to teach her kids the value of hard work!

I happen to know that this is a real problem that many self-made wealthy people have. They often have trouble teaching their children the value of hard work - and this worries them...

Yu Youzhen certainly has a unique solution...!

(She made her money in property development.)

Here are a couple articles and a video about Yu Youzhen...

Chinese Real-Estate Tycoon Works As a Street Cleaner

Yu Youzhen, Chinese Millionaire, Works As Street Cleaner To Set Good Example For Her Children

Video: Millionaire sanitation worker

Best wishes,


P.S. In my eyes, all jobs are respectable...

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