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Dien Rice
January 29, 2014, 07:13 AM
If you are selling an ebook, which price point will make you the most profit?

Should you sell it at a "cheapo" $1? Or around $10? Or higher?

If you price it at $1, you may sell more copies... But you're making much less profit per copy!

On the other hand, at a higher price, like $10 or higher, you'll sell fewer copies. But make much more money per copy!

Fortunately, someone from the ebook price comparison website, Luzme, has done the study. They've taken their US sales data, and shown exactly how many ebooks sell (from their data) at each price point (closest to the nearest dollar)!

So which price sells the most copies?

No surprise there - $1 ebooks outsell the higher prices, in terms of numbers sold...

But which makes the most profit?

It turns out - from their data - you make most revenue (and hence, most likely profits) from the $10 price point...

Of course, every book and market is different... But that's what the averages show!

You can see the data here...

Ten Things You May Not Know About Ebook Prices

Best wishes,


P.S. As well as the US data, there is also UK data. However, I'm a bit skeptical of the UK data. The reason why is because Luzme (http://luzme.com/) is a price comparison website, and apparently ebooks tend to be cheaper when bought via the US, than in the UK. The UK's 20% sales tax ("VAT") may also be a factor. So, I suspect that, for higher priced books, many in the UK who use Luzme to compare prices could be buying from US websites, instead of UK websites. The UK data shows that the most profit is made from 1 books, but I am skeptical of that result, for the reasons mentioned...

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