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Dien Rice
February 8, 2014, 10:56 PM
Hi Dean, Thanks for answering my questions in such great detail. I started listening to Zig in the late 70’s and use to have a copy of “Secrets of Closing The Sale” when I still lived in the States but I forgot most of what I read so I’m buying the Kindle version of it so I can refresh my memory.

Books have shaped my life… it was “How I Raised Myself From Failure To Success” by Frank Bettger that first got me interested in learning how to sell and the one thing I remember from it is Franks secret was “Enthusiasm”.

Just like Gordon’s White Bread story…
Hi Steve,

Yeah, Zig is great, in my opinion. I read his book a long time ago, but I gained a lot from it!

I also liked the Frank Bettger book, too. The main lesson I remember gaining from that is to not "force" a sale on someone who doesn't want to buy! Instead of wasting your time doing this, use your time wisely and move on to the next prospect. You'll usually make more sales per day that way, rather than by trying to "beat a dead horse"!

Health is very important... As I've found out through experience, you really need health to be successful in business, or in anything else you want to accomplish.

In fact, good health should be one of your highest priorities... Many people don't realize this (as was the case with me), until you start hitting middle age. If you can realize it earlier in life, so much the better!

I've also been improving my health lately... I may write more about that later...

Thanks for the recommendation to "Younger Next Year" - I'll check it out!

Also, your website "Hunger-Free Weight Loss" looks great!

There's no doubt that more fiber will help... It fills you up more, plus it's good for your system, too. Thanks for the "heads up" on all that... :)

On hunger... I've found that you can have two different foods with the same calories, and one will "fill you up" more (i.e. you'll be less hungry) than the other...

For example, a 150 calorie (around 600 kJ) muesli bar fills me up much better than 150 calories of chocolate does! So, if I want a snack, nowadays, I'm more likely to reach for a muesli bar than a piece of chocolate, simply because I know it will fill me up for much longer...

Thanks for sharing those insights, Steve! :)

Best wishes,


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