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February 21, 2014, 01:02 AM
This is yet another incredible article that was posted on sowpub. I have first hand experience with this topic as my own father started a business last year and it became so successful that he opened yet another business. He is nearly 60 years old.

A part of the reason he was able to commit to a new business was something that he likes to call "ageism". He aged out of his position as manager at a printing company, had he not "aged out" he would have eventually loss his position as the world of printing took a hit in the last ten years.

He left South Carolina for Florida and bought an existing hole-in-the-wall (restaurant). Within six months he was able to open a grocery store. My father now has more stress than he has had in years but he insists that it is keeping him young.

Kudos to the over 50 crowd jumping in and opening business. Well done, thanks again for the great article, I will pass it along to my father.

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