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Dien Rice
February 15, 2014, 09:21 AM
When you learn about direct marketing... well, it can be applied to solve all kinds of difficulties...

The following story is about a couple who didn't know about direct marketing - but used it anyway, to solve a problem!

They wanted to buy a home in a particular neighborhood. However, in that neighborhood, there were more buyers than sellers - which made it hard to buy a place.

So - they used a direct marketing campaign.

They sent a letter to everyone in the neighborhood. The letter introduced their family, and asked if the person who got the letter would consider selling their house.

Within a few weeks - they made a deal to buy a home!

It's a great, unusual story - about using "direct marketing" in a way which many people may consider unusual. (It is certainly not usually used by a direct buyer...)

Yet, the lesson is - once you learn the skills, you can apply them successfully in many situations, including this one, and many others...

Buying a home that wasn’t for sale

Best wishes,


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