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Don Alm
August 6, 2014, 05:03 PM
Here's another FREE Lead Finder; Google "Hot Lead Finder"

It's by Mark Helton and you do NOT have to buy the upgrade program;

I use the free program to find leads in certain niches in certain towns (ex: Plumbers in Toledo)

I then either send emails or FaceBook Messages (I found that biz owners pay attention to their facebook whereas emails are checked by office people)

So....after ranking a video on page one for a keyword (ex:Toledo Plumber) I send FaceBook Messages to Toledo Plumbers telling them I'm getting calls from my Ranked Video however....I'm NOT a Plumber....I'm a Video Marketer and will sell the Leads to the first Plumber who wants the Lead Calls!

Don Alm.....marketing guy

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