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Don Alm
August 15, 2014, 04:12 PM
Just for the "halibut" (old-time lingo) I phoned a single mom I helped set up in a "Patient-Reminder" biz a few yrs ago.

This gal's hubby ran off and left her Stranded...with 2 youngsters and NO WAY to survive!

Well...fortunately she was a member of MY Church.....and, I heard about her condition. So.....I went over for a visit and yes.....our Church DID
have a collection of Money to give her However....HOW was she going to continue on with 2 kids to raise?

(Aside: Sure is nice to belong to a 2,000 Member Church!)

Ya.....there's the "welfare" thingee BUT.....this gal was not satisfied in "Relying on Da Gummit" for her existence (applause).....so, as I was
talking to her, I got an "impulse" that....."This gal is Looking for a way to make some Bux....HERSELF!...and NOT be dependent on
"Da Gummit" forever!

So.....I asked her if she'd be interested in a business that could pay her $100 or more a day...for making Phone Calls...from her home?

She jumped out of her chair and ran over and gave me a BIG HUG!

"Don!....you can show me how to do this?"

I responded with, "Not only can I SHOW you how to do this....I can get your first 4 clients....paying you $100 a Day!"

So....she yelled, "Let's GO For IT!"

So..... I made up a "Sales Presentation" and visited some Doctors and Dentists offices.....asking them, "Would you like to have an
"outsider" making Appointment REMINDERS FOR YOU....instead of someone on your staff?"

The response was "WHAT YOU GOT"! (Excuse me. This is MY way of reporting the responses for these "Highly Educated Humans")

So...when I told the Doc (who writes the checks) it will only cost $25/day to do their "Patient-Reminder" calls....the response was:
"Where do I sign up"?

So....because I was able to "Sign up 8 offices in ONE Day".....I was able to go back to my "New Biz" gal and tell her...."I don't have 4 offices
willing to pay YOU.....$25/day....I have EIGHT!

Holy Camoly! She LEAPED out of her chair and gave me a "Stupendous HUG"!

Thus.....this was a few yrs ago and.....guess what,.....she NOW has 6 Phone Girls bringing in "enough Moolah to provide her children with
a "COLLEGE EDUCATION"...(6 phone girls x 30 calls per girl = 180 calls/day x $30 per call = $5,400 A DAY?????

You kiddin' ME?

IT is out there....all ya gotta do is...find it and....go fer it!

Don Alm

Don Alm....."idea-guy"

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