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Don Alm
August 18, 2014, 04:29 PM
WOW! Talk about "MAKIN' MONEY"......one of my "students" took one of my "Money-Makers" and ran with it!

Here's the background;

One of my "Internet Buddies" lost his "J.O.B." and was "desperate" for a way to make money. He lives in a Good-Size Town (Princeton NJ) He told me he knew a little about "Digital & Internet" stuff and....he told me that his town (Princeton, NJ was a "College" town with LOTS of Visitors and....lots of hotels and restaurants!

That caused my brain to fire off a "Hot Flash"! All these people coming in have 3 things in common;

2) They are HUNGRY (People WITH money do NOT carry food with them!)
3) They carry some sort of Mobile Device with them

So.....2 & 2 = 4! I thought, "Why not set up a "Mobile Restaurant Directory" so people checking into Hotels can....find "Places to eat....ON THEIR MOBILE THINGEE!"

So.....I set up a "Mobile Restaurant WebSite" (www.MobiSiteIndex/princeton.com)...for Princeton, NJ so that Guests
checking into hotels in Princeton could find Places to eat....on their Mobile Device!

Well....I created a mockup site for my buddy AND....a Presentation to use to sell 10 Hotels to place a "Display" on their front desk, next to where guests sign in.

(When I did this I had NO problem getting 10 hotels to agree to place MY "Display" on their front desk. The display had pictures of food plates and the words; "LOOKING FOR A PLCE TO EAT? SCAN HERE !" where I had a QR Code they could scan so the "Mobile Restaurant Directory" came up on their Mobile Device.)

And....I....yes, little ol' Me-Myself and I" went out and convinced 20 restaurant owners to pay me $10/wk per Hotel to be in 10 Hotels.....$100/wk... PLUS $200 SetUp Fee......to be in my "Mobile Restaurant Directory"!

And....I convinced these restaurant biz owners to pay me for a "Trial Run" of 13 weeks for.....$1,500!......x 20 = $30,000 with 20 x $1,300 = $26,000
every 3 mos!

So....I set up my "Mobile Restaurant Directory" for my buddy in Princeton (www.MobiSiteIndex.com/princeton) and.....he .....turned it down saying it was "NOT for him"!

Thus.....someone else heard about what I was doing and told me HE could do this.....that HE could "take it and RUN" with it....then asked me how much I'd charge to help him do this in HIS town.

So....I told him $2,500 and he paid me.....and....he's now working on his 2nd town (another $2,500 to me)

So....I am NOT trying to "sell" this to anyone HERE! Just relaying....what is possible!

Thanks for Reading,
Don Alm....."idea Guy"

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