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Don Alm
August 20, 2014, 03:24 PM
Wow! One of my "biz-op students" responded to my phone call inquiry as to "How Ya Doin'?

She phoned me this morn and gave me a "report" on what she's been doing with the "Bakery Bux" program I tutored her with a few years ago.

Background: I have spent MOST of my life....creating ways to make money with ideas ....then, taking those Ideas and going out and Selling them.... and, watching them BE SUCCESSFUL because .....THEY WORK to;

So.....a little background; Because I LOVE "Bagels & Cupcakes & Bakery Stuff" (My "double-chins are proof) I asked my favorite bakery owner, "Hey Tony....how's yer biz goin'?

He responded with, "Well Don, biz could be better!"

By that response I determined, He could use MORE BIZ!

So....what does an "idea guy like me do?" Yup! I ASK...."What are you doin' to promote yer biz?"

He tells me he's "tried everything".....Local Ads, Flyers, Website, YellowPages!

I ask, "What's your biggest Profit Maker?" He says; "Cakes, Wedding & Birthday Cakes!"

So....the next day I find myself going into the local "Dollar Tree" and the first thing I see is a BIG BUNCH OF BALLOONS...wafting in the breeze. Most of them saying; "Happy Birthday" and other Celebration Balloons.

BUT....the "Happy B'day" balloons caught my attention. SO....I bought 4 of them, took them over to my bakery and "suggested he could BEEF-UP" his "Birthday Cakes" sales by offering "4 B'day Balloons"...WITH purchase of any B'Day Cake for an additional $16.

He gave it a try and WHALA....his B'Day Cake sales BOOMED!

So.....because I was buying 8 B'Day balloons from Dollar Tree and DELIVERING them to the bakery....EVERY DAY....in my Van....to make $16day.....I thought ...."Is there a cheaper way to provide these balloons so I could make MORE than $1 per balloon?"

Well....I went over to a local "Welding Co" and asked if I could use their
"Tanks" to fill my balloons (that I could buy from a wholesale site)? And they charged me 10c per balloon.

So.... I bought 800 B'day Balloons from a website (200 of 4 different for 10c ea) and....went over to the Welding Co and filled 8 balloons, and brought them over to my bakery...where I told him I could TRIPLE his "B'Day" cake biz by offering Balloons WITH Cakes.

So....his B'Cake bix went BAZERK!...even though he was charging $16 MORE for his Cakes!

So....what does This mean to SowPubers?

My "student" told me she now has 12 bakeries paying her a MINIMUM of $384 Daily".....12 x 2 sales/day x 16 = $385/Day.....7 days/week = $2,304/wk

Thus....just thought I'd toss in what I've always believed...."MONEY-MAKING IDEAS ARE ALL AROUND!

Don Alm.....Idea Guy AND Implementer

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