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Hardware failure, and resurrection from the dead... [Archive] - SOWPub Small Business Forums

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Dien Rice
November 13, 2014, 11:20 PM

Unfortunately, the hardware that Sowpub.com was on had a major failure. However, Sowpub has now been transferred to a brand new server.

In the process, some of the most recent posts were lost... But, I have a backup! I have to restore these manually one-by-one, though, and I hope to proceed to do this over the next few days, as soon as possible...

So, the recent posts should be back relatively soon...

As you know, there's been some unique stuff posted here which you can't find anywhere else - these great posts will be back! Great money-making and life-changing information (if I do say so myself)...! We have a lot of amazing people here, and so I want to get things back and humming as soon as possible...

Things are still happening in the background (as the site is still being restored by the tech support guys), and I have to wait for that to finish before I can start restoring some of the missing posts, but keep a lookout, as things will be happening...

Meanwhile, feel free to look through the posts in the archives... There's some great moolah-making and life-improving info there you may not have noticed before... :)

Best wishes,


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