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Diane Von Furstenberg Uses The MAGIC Of THREE Self Referral System [Archive] - SOWPub Small Business Forums

View Full Version : Diane Von Furstenberg Uses The MAGIC Of THREE Self Referral System

November 16, 2014, 02:53 PM
Thanks Dien,

So I'm speed reading along and notice that Diane
has 3 projects POPPING at the same time.

FIREWORKS go off in my brain.

Because I remember how SuperStar Manager - Ken Kragen
Took the Smothers Brothers from NOBODY to International SuperStars

A - He got them a Cadillac Commercial - 30 days before
the MAGIC Happened. (Running day and night on the Today and Tonight Shows)

I - Ken got The Smothers on The Gary Moore Show.

II - Judy Garland Variety Show

III - Ed Sullivan Show

AND all three Programs Decided to KICK OFF their year with the Program
that the Smothers Brothers were on.


In Those Days There was only a few networks. The Smothers Brothers
seemed to be EVERYWHERE.


TV Offers Poured in.

Ken Recognized what happened and did it again and again for his clients
who shot to SuperStardom.

Kenny Rogers was 65,000 in dept - zoomed to 10 mil a yr

Travis Tritt - $20,000 a yr to 5 mil a yr two years later


Let's Come Forward from 1960 to 2014 - November...

Diane Von Furstenberg is 67 and SMART as a Whip.

I - New Book, "The Woman I Wanted to Be"

II - New TV Show - Young Women Compete to Represent DVF Brands

III - A Museum Exhibit of her 40 year Wrap Around Dress Creation

IV - And a Book on The Evolution of Her Trade Mark
Wrap Around Dress.

(I'm counting III and IV - as the third - because Museum visitors
get her book to Inform their Visit.)

Diane has 1500 retailers selling her Designs.

97 DVF Shops in 55 countries.

Plans to Refer Herself Lots and Lots of Attention and Thus NEW BUYERS.

As she uses "Magic Of THREE Power" to Focus MASSIVE ATTENTION on her new line of clothing.


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