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Dien Rice
November 20, 2014, 03:22 AM
Our once great country has been taken over by the "TAKERS"!

Yup...just sit back an Da Gummit will take care of you!

I could post a few hundred more of "ways to make money"......but.....it's Over!
Hi Don,

I respectfully disagree...

You're always going to get a percentage of people who are entrepreneurial... And you'll always get a percentage of people who ain't!

As for me... I love independence. I hate being "tied down" in a position where someone else can tell me what to do... and I have to meekly obey!

I'm sure there are others who feel the same way...

I'm not a "wage slave" - I make my own income...

Once you get a taste of "freedom" - after "wage slavery" - it's very, very hard to go back...!!

I'm sure there are others who are of this mindset too...

What's the number one reason people DON'T go out and do entrepreneurial things?

The number one reason, according to a very smart friend of mine, is FEAR...

He pointed out to me today, that it may "reveal" itself in many different ways. Maybe the person procrastinates. Maybe they over-research the risks. Maybe the keep working on their business plan, but never implement it... All those things just mask one thing... Which is FEAR...!

How can people conquer that FEAR? I think that's the million dollar question...!

Best wishes,


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