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Don Alm
August 22, 2014, 01:06 PM
Hey! Ya GOTTA see this!

Excuse me for getting "excited" BUT....when I find an easy-peasy way to make money (nowadays...when I'm basically "retired" except for looking for ways to help 2 of my kids find ways to earn money since they lost their jobs and don't want to "serve hamburgers")....so...I'd like to also share what I find...... with fellow Sow-Pubbers ..........since SowPub helped me back when I was getting started with "Internet-Stuff";

There's a FREE Video Creator called "Photo-Story 3" from Microsoft. It has a small Learning Curve AND....I'm sure SowPubbers can handle it.

PS3 is a "Slide-Show" thingee where you can grab Photos from potential clients from their websites or FB or.....do what I've done.....go to the Biz, tell them VIDEOS are HOT and you'd like to make a Video for them, AT NO OBLIGATION and....you'd like to snap a few photos of their biz and show them what the Video looks like....again....at NO obligation.

So....I whip out my "OLD" digi-cam.....take about 10 or 12 shots, outside, inside....bring it home and upload to my "Video MockUp" file and.....using PS3....make a Sample Video and.....email the video to my potential client.

What I like about PS3 is;
1) You can use "Movement".....meaning, with each slide, you can go from one side of the video....to the other....or...start out with a full screen and zero in on something in the shot.
2) The FREE Music in background is GREAT!

So....if you'd like to see 2 recent Videos I did using PS3....go to my site;
www.WebVideoPromos.com and scroll down to the bottom and click on;
"Restaurant" and "Spunky Steer" at the bottom....and you'll see what I'm talking about.

YOU....who are seeing this...."HERE"S your chance to;
1) Make "Mockup" videos
2) Email to potential customers....and COLLECT!

The FIRST thing they'll want to know is...."How Much?"

What I do is "feel them out".....get an idea of "what they think about the video".....then, I offer 2 prices; An Initial Fee (based on the biz and an On-Going Monthly.

So.....example; ..... $490 plus $89/mo for 3 mos.....to keep the video in place on FIRST PAGE for their Biz Name.
.....$490 + $267 = $767

(Google; "Kevin's Lawn Care Roseburg OR")

Granted....some may turn you down (you can offer something less PROVIDED....they GO NOW!)

Dan Kennedy told me years ago when I asked him "HOW are those guys getting those BIG Fees? He responded with; "They ASKED for them!"

So....my philosophy has always been; "Ya Don't Know, Unless Ya ASK!"

Anyways.....thanks for reading and....best of successs to ya

Don Alm

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