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I found the SECRET to closing...Digital Deals! [Reposted from archive] [Archive] - SOWPub Small Business Forums

View Full Version : I found the SECRET to closing...Digital Deals! [Reposted from archive]

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Don Alm
August 22, 2014, 03:48 PM
Yup.....it is now 4 pm in the afternoon (Pacific Time) I just returned home to my "Man-Cave" (my wifees name choice).....WITH....CASH and CHECKS from biz owners I visited this afternoon.

So.....a little background; I have been a "Direct" sales guy since I started my first biz (Home Burglar Alarm Biz in North Suburbs of Chgo)

Yup....it took me a few days to get over "Stage-Fright" of walking in Cold-Turkey to a biz....finding the person who "writes the checks" ....showing him/her how I can bring them more biz or...."Protect What They Have"!

Well....due to my interest in helping 2 of my 5 kids to "make money" in this "Democrat-ICK" ..."Lying" culture we're in now....I came OUT of "retirement" and.....decided that "VIDEO" is where I should spend my efforts.

So....I bought a bunch of PLR Videos (already made videos for many different biz niches...from David Cisnero's and Nick Mancuso) where all I have to do is bring up "Windows Live" and WHALA....I can "brand" these Videos with ANYONE's name and Logos.

So....as I've always done....I make up some Samples and go visit some prospects who can write me a check....today!

Well....I instantly heard the objection; "We GOT A GUY!" ...who can do what you are proposing"!

So....I went back to my "Man-Cave" and thought about these Objections.

And as I've always done....I asked myself; "Hey! Self!....is there a way to OVERCOME the objection of "I GOT A GUY"!

Well....my experience in building over 30 BIG biznesses for scratch....I thought; Let's see now....the Objection is "We Already Have A Guy....who can do this or that.

So.... the first thing that came to mind was....."WHAT IF I HAVE ALREADY DONE...WHAT I'M PROPOSING TO DO?"

This knocks out my doing what MOST sales/people do; "Hey! Mr Prospect, I CAN....do THIS for you!

Thus....what if I have ALREADY DONE....what I am PROPOSING to do?

Case in point; Go to Google and type in; "Cowboy Tree LLC Roseburg OR" or ...."Kevin's Lawn Care Roseburg OR"....or "Rocky's Auto Repair Roseburg OR" and see what comes up.

I'm in that "Google Neighborhood" so....your results may be different than mine....however.....when I ask my "Potential Prospects" to...."Check Out What I've ALREADY DONE"....guess what?

There's NO wondering or waiting...whether little ol' ME can do a better job than "I HAVE A GUY!".....I'VE ALREADY DONE IT! My prospect can SEE THE PROOF....right on his own PC!

Anyways.....ya got some questions bout dis (excuse my lingo BUT, this is NOT "Rocket Science")....just a reaction from someone who's been doin' dis stuff for many years;....feel FREE to toss me some questions or concerns.

Don Alm.....STILL "doin IT"

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