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January 6, 2015, 06:55 AM
Hi Dien, naturopath's, chiropractors and MD's tend to do well retailing MLM health and wellness products however... their MLM income tapers off after $15,000 to $25,000 a month because the people they sponsor can't duplicate what the doctors are doing.

Personally I think it's unethical for doctors to prescribe products that they earn commissions on to their patients.

However... Doctors can really enhance ones efforts if they are taught a NO Warm Market approach. So I sponsored some but I tell them I do not want them to talk to anyone they know about the business or products.

Instead... I use them to do seminar selling...

Doctors have a lot of credibility... we've been raised to look at doctors as authority figures. In Network Marketing... the average distributor lacks credibility and people pay more attention to the messenger instead of the message.

I recruited several doctors so I and others in my down line can borrow their credibility. This way my team members job is to invite people to come hear the doctor speak.

Do you know how hard it is to get distributors to understand that they need to stop talking about the company, products and compensation plan?

What they need to do is to be the 30 second commercial for the 30 minute sales presentation but that doesn't mean they should give the presentation themselves.

Better to borrow the credibility of a doctor and let them or a 3rd party tool (video) do the telling and selling while you focus on inviting people to come listen to your doctor speak and try a sample of the product... but you do not want to tell prospects anything more than that.

If you tell them the name of the product or company they will type it into google and feel they don't need you. Then after looking at all of the phony review sites will decide they know it all and will not be interested and if they are interested they will go sponsor shopping for someone who can offer them more support than you. So it's essential for a newbie to talk less and sort more... In Network Marketing Amateurs Sell While Professionals Sort.

When people join my team I will place them under one of my doctors so they can tell their prospects... that's a good question... let me 3-way Doctor so and so into our conversation and let him or her answer your questions.... BTW... if you join my team, the doctor will also talk to your prospects for you. You can look for another sponsor if you like but can they guarantee that a doctor will help you like I can? Can you see how having a doctor do presentations in person or by live or recorded webinar would make your job easier? Join anyone else and you will struggle finding people to talk to. But I have a no warm market approach so you'll never run out of people to put through the process of letting them sample the product so they feel the results and connecting them with a doctor who will work with them.

Stephen Shulenski (http://www.thelifestylementor.com)


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