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Don Alm
January 2, 2015, 03:38 PM
One of the many things I learned from a guy named "Dan Kennedy" was;

"The Reason Why Most "Internet-Sellers" don't make money is;

"THEY DON'T ASK FOR IT!"....with an emphasis on the word "ASK"!

As an example, this year, 2015, I'm going after "High-Paying" clients who make BIG BUX when they get customer/client/patient.

By "Big Bux" I mean $497 to $997 A MONTH!

So.....2 weeks ago I noticed a BillBoard (on 3 local roadways) with an ad by a local "Personal Injury" Law Firm.

So.....my little ol' entroopeneerial mind says; "Hey! These guys are willing to pay BIG BUX to let locals know about THEIR expertise in handling "Personal Injury" cases so......(here's my what if)....

what if.....little ol' me takes one of Gene Pimentals "Rapid Pro Sites" (I'm NOT an affiliate) .....and.....follows his program and puts up a website (that INCLUDES a Video).....and I send ONE Email to this Law Firm (last week)... telling them I have THIS site and they can have it for.......(hold your breathe).....$997/Mo FOR 3 MONTHS ($2,991) and.......THEY PHONE ME THIS MORN (Jan 2, 2015) and tell me to "come over on Monday, Jan 5, 2015 to.... PICK UP A CHECK!

YOU KIDDIN' ME! Whoever said "there's NO money in this Internet Stuff" is....completely Bonkers! Ya just gotta know how to do it an' ...HOW TO ASK FOR IT!

Don Alm......going over to a Law Office on Monday (Jan 5, 2015) to pick up a check made out to little ol' ME for the sum of $2,991!

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