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Don Alm
January 6, 2015, 03:56 PM
When I began to make "Serious" money with my "direct-sales" programs (Aspen HomeShows, Bumper Bucks Radio Promo, Fax Bux fax promo and a whole bunch more (www.midasreports.com)......one day, I phoned Entrepreneur Magazine and asked to speak to an Editor...for the purpose of finding out if they had heard of anyone else in the country doing what I was doing to make SERIOUS MONEY with "Placing Ads on Video Rental Cases" (one of my biggies)

I was looking to find a Co or person, in the country, for the purpose of "Rapping and Sharing" with kindred spirits.

Well.....the editor I spoke with asked me to hold on and she would check with some of the other editors. A few minutes later she comes back on line, along with 2 other editors and she says; "Please say again what it is you are doing!"

So I explained that I'm putting Full Color Ads of Local Businesses on Video Rental Cases and providing FREE Video Cases to local Video Stores (This was when Video Rentals were at their peak)

So.....the MAIN Editor comes on the phone and asks if I would send him a "Press Release WITH Photos of what I'm doing".....he'd like to consider running a story on what I'm doing.

So....I had my wifee snap some photos of me holding some of my Video Cases (At the time I had 7 Video Rental Stores handling my Ad Cases) and I sent in my "Press Release".

I then proceeded to go about my biz until one day, about 2 mos later, I come back to my "man-cave" and my phone is flashing "40-40-40" meaning there are 40 messages.

So....I pick up the 1st one and I hear, "Hey Don.....saw the article about you and your "Video Rental Case Ad" program" in Entrepreneur Mag. Please send me info on how I can get into this.

ALL the rest of the messages were like that and.....the messages kept coming in for days. So....I figured I had better take advantage of this FREE Publicity and put together a package to sell my "Biz-Op".

Which I did and....3 yrs later I had sold over 1,000 Biz-Ops @ $495 ea for an amazing Half a Millyun gross. (I also ran Display Ads in Entrepreneur and other Biz Mags)

Now.....why did I preface this post with my experience in selling Biz-Ops?

To give you viewers an "insight" into "How My Promoter's Mind WORKS"!

So......here's what I came up with; I have bought MANY WSOs and other "Make Money Reports" and.....some of them I've actually gone out and Made Money with.

In my previous Ad Campaigns to find people to sell my Biz-Ops to, I got publicity and ran Ads where there were GOOD PROSPECTS for MY kinda Stuff.

Now.....in the "Digital Age" of 2015......instead of running Ads in Direct Sales mags.....to find prospects for my Biz-Ops (the WSOs and other Reports that I actually made money with).....I'm thinking that SOME (maybe 1%) of the buyers of WSOs and other "Make Money Reports" who are REALLY INTERESTED in "Making Money With The Report/s They Bought"...I could contact these people and offer them MY Consulting and/or Training!

And.....instead of running Ads in "Biz-Op" mags to find prospects......why don't I get Lists of people who've purchased WSOs and other Money-Making reports?

These folks have ALREADY...."gotten their foot in the door" and SHOWED interest (by purchasing $7, $17, $27 Reports)

So.....what if little ol' me were to work a deal with the promoters of these programs.....to provide me with a List of their buyers AND.....for every one I sell MY.....UpDate, UpGrade, Consultant or Training Program to.....they get a commission?

Heck.....almost every one of the "El Cheapo" money-making reports I've bought has a "OTO" (One-Time-Offer) anyway......to get more money from purchasers INITIALLY. And......many of the Initial Buyers do NOT buy the OTO because they're not sure they can make any money with the Initial Program.

However.....after these buyers have read and studied, ....and even tried the program.....I'm thinking they will THEN be ready to purchase an UPgrade from someone who's gone out and MADE IT WORK!

So.....excuse my long post here BUT.....this is how my PROMOTIONAL brain works. Maybe someone here can benefit from this thinking.

Making deals with "Report Promoters" sure beats buying Ads in Magazines.

In fact, I'm thinking about naming this "AR" Offers......which means "AFTER READING" offers...from someone who has actually made money from the report they bought.

When I've purchase a Money-Making report or program or system.....I pass on the OTO because I haven't yet had a chance to "digest" the initial concept. Then....after I've read it and understood what it is and how it works....If I were to get an email telling me of an "After Read" offer from someone who's doing it.....I'd BUY!

ANyways......thanks for letting me expound on how my mind works.

Don Alm......long-time thinker and promoter

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