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Don Alm
February 22, 2015, 09:28 PM
Every year for the last 7 yrs our local paper runs a program called "Reader's Choice" where they ask readers for their opinions on their choice for the Top 3 biznesses in a whole bunch of categorys.

Then in Feb they publish the results in a Special Edition.... listing the Top 3 in each category (Best SteakHouse, Best Chiropractor, Best Plumber...etc)

And.....each biz in the top usually buys an Ad in this Edition.....touting the fact that THEY were the TOP Pick in their Category.

So....every year, for the past 7, I've been going to set up an "OnLine Business Directory, offering each of the TOP choices FIRST SHOT at an Exclusive Spot in their Category.

Well....this year I have a "student" who has the Time and Talent to do this AND....not only will it be an OnLine thingee....it will also be "Mobilized" for cell phones.....PLUS....I noticed that fewer than 5% (5 out of 100) biz have a mobilized website So.....guess what our UPGrade will be?

Anyways.....check your local newpaper (NOT the big-city ones) and see if they have a "Reader's Choice" type of year-end Special. If they do, EVERY Top Listing is a TOP Candidate for a Local, Town Biz Directory!

Don Alm

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