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Dien Rice
February 25, 2015, 09:16 AM
An entrepreneurial friend of mine pretty much runs his whole business from cafes...

I wouldn't have thought it was possible if I hadn't seen it myself!

There are plenty of things you can do by working in a cafe...

Some of these are inspired by my friend (things I've seen him do), and others are also things I've done myself...

Clearly, you can write in a cafe... You can do things such as

Write emails to customers, business partners, freelancers, contract workers, employees, mentors, and so on...
Write articles, forum posts, blog posts, newsletters, etc.
Write advertising and promotional copy
While it's not writing, if you have the ability, you can also work on graphics...

Furthermore, you can also have meetings in cafes...

You can have meetings with potential clients, business partners, contract workers, freelancers, and potential employees... (I have had business meetings in cafes, usually with partners for potential projects, but I've seen my friend do all the rest...)
You can also have phone meetings (or Skype meetings)... You just have to make sure that the cafe is not too noisy, so you can hear the other person. My friend uses an "ear piece" with his phone for this reason, so he can hear better when he is on the phone in a cafe.

You can also do strategy and planning work for your business, such as...

You can analyze new business opportunities
You can come up with new promotional strategies

In addition...

You can do technical computer work (like register domain names, set up web hosting, create web pages, etc.)

And finally,

You can relax and take a break over a coffee and cake!

Pretty much the only thing you can't do from a cafe is if you have to meet people at their place of business, or if you need to print out something, or scan in something using a scanner...

I've always done some of my work in cafes, but lately, I've been doing more and more work in various cafes. Mainly, it's because I like the atmosphere... And I've seen from my friend what's possible! :)

Best wishes,


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