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Dien Rice
March 2, 2015, 07:32 AM
Believe it or don't, rich people have problems too...

Their problems tend to be different from those of ordinary folk.

I'm writing about them here, not so we can all feel sorry for them, but because...

Problems mean an opportunity!

If you can help solve some of these problems, it could mean a profitable business or product for you...

I've gotten these from multiple sources...

Here are 7 problems of the rich !

1. In our culture, you are not allowed to feel sorry for rich people, or have any empathy.

For example, if a wealthy person gets cancer, the reaction of most people is something like...

"So what if you have cancer?!! You still have $X million dollars!"

Of course, whether you are rich or poor, cancer would frighten the dickens out of you. However, the wealthy are not allowed to complain in our society - because they're rich.

That's one reason why many wealthy people only have other wealthy people as their friends, since many normal people can't seem to treat them normally...

2. Another problem people who get very rich can have is, they don't know if people like them for who they are, or if they just want to get something from them. They don't know if people only "like" them for their money!

If you don't have much money or power, then it's clear - if someone likes you, most likely it is genuine, and they actually do like you. However, if you are very wealthy - it no longer is clear, since a lot of people will pretend to like you, in the hope of getting something out of you.

It's a problem they can face every day...

3. There's the problem of raising their kids.

If they give their kids too much access to money, their kids could end up being spoiled brats. However, if they don't give their kids enough access to money, the kids could end up being quite resentful of their parents.

How can they raise their kids, so the kids feel a sense of responsibility, when their kids know that they'll eventually have millions of dollars coming their way?

It's a tough problem to solve!

4. Of course, the very wealthy have potential security risks.

They, or their family members, could be kidnapped and held for ransom. It's happened multiple times before. Not just in the movies...!

5. The rich have a bigger risk of drug addiction. Why? Because they have easier access to all drugs than any "normal" person does, due to their wealth. That removes one of the barriers from drug addiction - being able to obtain and afford the drugs in the first place...

6. People who inherit money, as opposed to making it themselves, have their own special problems. One of those is the problem of self-worth.

They've inherited all this money, and did nothing for it. As a result, they don't really need to do anything in life. In many cases, they can feel that they have little self worth, and also little motivation to do anything about it as well.

7. Finally, some people who become wealthy do so because of a traumatic financial experience in their childhood.

I read a story about a very wealthy person whose parents owned a business when he was a child, which then went bankrupt. His family then spent years living in a friend's garage, which was very traumatic for him.

He became wealthy, motivated by the thought that he never wanted to go through anything like that again.

The problem is, it means he's never satisfied, and always feels financially insecure - no matter how wealthy he becomes. The drive that helped him become wealthy, is also a problem, too...

These are real problems the rich face... If you could help to solve them, there could be a lucrative business opportunity in it for you...!

Best wishes,


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If you could help us with that, it'll help to make this forum a better place for everyone, so you and everyone else can all get more out of it... :)

And good karma will be sent your way...! :)

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