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March 4, 2015, 02:33 PM
In 2009 Dien and I were in Erie, PA working with Green Tree Press. They created two books from his Great Ideas, one was 57 and the other was 61.

One of the worst decisions you can make is to select a biz-op simply based on someone else's success. Pick one which suits you, and it seems easy.

Here are a few IDEAS, which have been tested and proven to work for other people.

Pet grooming. Add on all things pet, hook up with vet, suits animal lovers.

Advice. Over the phone, skype...in person. What you know can be sold to others.

-Educational institution. Since Dien brought this to our attention, circa 2005, Udemy and a host of other "colleges, learning centers," have sprung up. It is a set it and update as needed biz-op.

Car detailing. I've been doing it for 49 years, with latest soiree into HEADLIGHTS. Not going away any time soon.

Recipes. I made a small fortune selling recipes in the old "circular" pubs, today, the way to go is with KINDLE cookbooks.

Driving dollars. I've done cross country transport, auto auctions and courier. Lots of ways to drive for dough.

What are some of your favorite ways?

Gordon J.

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