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Dien Rice
March 10, 2015, 07:57 PM
.....of telling someone who is trying to sell their Home.....themselves....without a RE Agent to.....Google their STREET ADDRESS and.....SEE WHAT COMES UP!

THEN....up comes a Video....with the Photos THEY TOOK....interlaced into a 60 sec VIDEO.....with Background Music!......and....ON THE FIRST PAGE for the STREET ADDRESS of the House they are HOPING TO SELL?

If you don't understand the AWESOME 'SALES" POWER of this.....
Hi Don,

Why don't people see the value in things like this?

For some, it's lack of experience, I think. They're not experienced enough to recognize great business ideas when they are put in front of them!

It does take time... I certainly have a much better idea of what's a "good" business idea versus a "bad" one compared to my "self" of 10 or 20 years ago!

All of Don's business ideas that I've seen are great ones... Why?

Because they are all low financial risk, with great "upside" potential... Or, to put it another way...

It's virtually impossible to lose money, yet you can also make very good profits!

They are low financial risk, because it costs very little to start them and to keep them running... So your "opportunity" to lose a lot of money is virtually zero!

Not many businesses are like that - they are few and far between. Most businesses give you the opportunity to lose a lot of money, as well as make a lot...

How many businesspeople have you heard about whose business went bad, and it completely wiped them out? They end up with huge debt, or even worse, have to declare bankruptcy.

Don's ideas are all low financial risk... So it's virtually impossible for that to happen!

That's why Don's ideas are superior to the vast majority of what's out there...!

Best wishes,


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