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Dien Rice
March 17, 2015, 11:51 AM
Could there be valuable riches right under your nose?

There's a great story we once discussed, called Acres of Diamonds (http://www.temple.edu/about/history/acres-diamonds). One of the morals of the story was that perhaps that there could be riches right on your feet, which you don't realize.

Here's an interesting story. This man started his business by collecting cedar leaves. He packaged and sold them.

Since then, his business evolved so that he was creating all kinds of products from these cedar needles, which he was collecting for free.

You can read more about his business here... (http://www.dailyfinance.com/2015/02/25/clear-light-cedar-products-new-mexico/)

Could you still do this today? I did a quick search on eBay, and there are people on eBay selling dried cedar leaves.

I don't live in an area with cedar trees... However, I am surrounded by eucalyptus trees. And guess what? I did a quick search on eBay, and yes, people are selling dried eucalyptus leaves.

New products can also be created from these, for example, you could create your own essential oils.

There could be a business right under your nose but you don't even realize it. And it may even cost you next to nothing to get started in it!

It's good to keep your eyes and your mind open... You're surrounded by opportunities that you probably don't even see!

Who knows what "treasures" you could find... Cedar leaves, eucalyptus leaves, even moose dung (http://www.cariann-of-sweden.com/infopaper_.html) can all have value! :)

Best wishes,


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