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Don Alm
March 23, 2015, 06:24 PM
Hey.....excuse me BUT....I'm STILL an "Entroopeener"! I've spent my entire life on ....finding and Implementing NEW promotion ideas for Small Biznesses (www.midasreports.com)
wondering .....whether the Promo Ideas I came across......would work in MY area for MY bizness (Retail Antique Shoppe)

So....I found MANY ways to promote our Antique Shoppe AND.....also found many ways for OTHER biznesses to promote and market THEIR biznesses.

So.....along the way, I've gotten many "Students" whom I've inspired to.... "Find a NEED, and Fill It!"

My reason for this Post today is because THREE of my "Students" have recently, within the last 2 weeks, have Put In Practice, a program I taught them.....which is


Hey! There are MANY .....HOME Owners....TODAY who WANT to SELL their homes!

For whatever reason.....they want to SELL their HOME!

They do NOT want to List with a Real Estate Agent because they DON'T want to pay 6% of the sale to "Someone Else"! ($9,000 on a $150,000 Sale..etc)!

So.....they find a website like "Zillow.com"...or, "Owners.com"....etc......where they can snap some photos of their House....upload them and "WAIT" for a Potential Buyer to call.

Well.....Photos are fine BUT.....they DON'T bring out the "Emotion" that a VIDEO with MUSIC can bring out.

So.....my "Entroopeneerial" mind says; "Hey! Why don't I grab those photos the FSBOS have taken AND spent the TIME ....UPloading to "FSBO Sites" and, turn the photos into VIDEOS.....with Emotional Music AND..... get these Videos RANKED.....FOR THE ADDRESS?.....so that when someone looking for a House to buy ......types in the ADDRESS of the House For Sale by ....."The OWNER" of the house.....up comes a House For Sale BY THE OWNER!

YOU Kiddn' ME! Home Owners wanting to SELL and House Hunters wanting to Buy.....WITHOUT enlisting REALTORS.....is a HUGE Moneymaker!

So...what brought THIS Topic up today was 3 of my "students" just reported to me, this morn, that they've made BOO COO BUX the last few weeks by....
.....Right-Clicking" Photos off "FSBO" sites and putting them into a file, then
.....making a Video with these Photos, with Emotional Background MUSIC
.....sending an Email to the HOME OWNERS with the "Subject Line", "RE: Your home at "123 Main" (A POWERFUL .....REASON TO OPEN THE EMAIL!)

Side Note: to get "email owners to OPEN their Emails.....you MUST offer a STRONG REASON WHY.....they should OPEN....YOUR.....email!

We do this by putting the ADDRESS (Re: 123 Main ) of their Home they're wanting to SELL in the SUBJECT LINE!

Then.....when our Prospects OPEN our emails they see;
"Hi.....I've made a Video of the property you're trying to sell at 123 Main and to see my video....just go to Google and type in "123 Main"

If you'd like more info.....Click the Link OR.....if you'd like me to Take Down the Video.....just let me know"

Anyways.....WE are getting "House-Owners" who've taken the TIME to take Photos of their Homes.....UpLoad them to a FSBO site.....to PAY US for the Video we made for them to get MORE interest in their Property.

Don Alm

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