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Dien Rice
March 26, 2015, 11:15 AM
I just came across this article... Some air from a Kanye West concert, sealed in a bag, was bid up to $60,000 on eBay.

Personally, you'd have to pay me $60,000 in order to breathe any air from a Kanye West concert!

Apparently eBay pulled the auction... Hey, if Kanye West fans will pay $60,000 to breathe the air from one of his concerts, I think they should be free to do so!

But... I wouldn't be surprised if, when the smoke clears, the highest bid for the air was found to have come from Kanye West himself!

Here's the article...

Kanye West fans bid up to $60,000 on bags of air taken from his Yeezus gigs (http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/music/news/kanye-west-fans-are-bidding-up-to-60000-on-bags-of-air-taken-from-his-yeezus-gigs-10093831.html)

Best wishes!


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