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Don Alm
March 28, 2015, 05:59 PM
Hey!.....I don't now about you folks BUT.....we are being Bamboozled about our Economy by our Gummit! Yup....most of the Media is reporting a "Recovering" economy!

NOTHING could be further from the TRUTH!

I live in a town that USED to be knowns as "The TIMBER Capital of the World"......a "small town" where the EPA has restricted logging to 20% of what it WAS because of an "OWL"! "Owls" are more important than people nowadays!

So....what do the people do who USED TO WORK IN THE FORESTS? They go on WELFARE and FOODSTAMPS!

So.....I know a number of these people who USED TO work in the forests AND, many of them have asked me.....since OBAMA and the EPA.....IF I had any ideas for them to make some money.

Well.....I've helped MANY and recently.....a mother of 2 whose hubby can't find any way to earn money other than "Odd Jobs" here and there.

So....as I was talking to this mom I noticed something; It seemed that she was Out-Going and had a great Personality......so....I asked her if she would be interested in "Selling Advertising to local business owners"!

She responded with "Hey! If I can earn some money for my family that doesn't involve Physical Labor.....Let me at It!

So....I showed her one of my "Golf ScoreCards".....where I would get the Golf Cources AND.....a List of Members who owned local businesses.

What she would have to do was...show a Sample Card to local biz owners, explain that these Cards would be in the HANDS of local "Affluent" people for 2 to 3 hours at a time.....where any Ads would get PRIME EXPOSURE! and the Ads would be relatively easy to sell for $489 per Ad.....with 14 Ads per Card.....for a total of $6,846 less about $700 for Artwork and Printing so she could NET.....CASH IN POCKET....about $6,000 for about 2 weeks "work"!

She JUMPED at it! I mean she was SO EXCITED I had to calm her down.

Well.....because March is when Golf Season picks up.....I told her what was involved.....made a Demo Sample for the local Golf Clubs (4) and.....she just finished the first Club this morn and was she EXCITED.

Anyways.....I did "Golf Score Cards" some years ago (See Photo below) and I thought she could do this with the Spring coming. So...she did.

Don Alm

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