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Don Alm
April 2, 2015, 09:47 PM
At the end of this month (April 2015)....Big G is "demoting" websites whose website is NOT "Mobile-Ready"!

So.....what does this mean for us "Entroopeneers"?......money-money & more money!

Hey.....one of my "students" checked out 100 biznesses in our local area that had websites BUT.....they were NOT "Mobilized".......went out on Monday..... walked into 5 of these biz.....found the manager.....showed what THEIR site looked like on a Mobile and.....told them that G will be pushing NON-Mobile Ready Sites to the BACKGROUND at the end of the month.

IF.....this biz would like to have her make their site "Mobile-Ready"....she can do it......just phone xxx.xxxx.

So.....out of 15 biz the past 3 days.....she got 12 replies FOR HELP!

WOW! Do YOU people REALIZE what this means?

Although.....some biz may think you're feeding them some Horse-Hockey AFTER Big G does their thing.....whoopee fizz.....Gold-Rush is ON! PROOF IS IN DA PUDDIN'!

Get yer Picks & Shovels ready cause "WE'RE gittin' Ready To Ride!"

Don Alm.....who needs a wider saddle this year

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