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Don Alm
April 3, 2015, 04:19 PM
Okay.....one of my "students" wanted to do a "Take-Out Menu" program at a Popular Local Restaurant. I gave her a few samples and some input on HOW to "Get Biz people to pay her!"

She got the OK to provide the Take-Out Menus for FREE (from the restaurant owner).....got a list of the restaurant's suppliers and REGULAR diners and proceeded to contact AND SELL 9 of the 12 Spaces.....then....bango-mango.....she had 3 spaces left, which she was selling for $290 and.....called me this morn for "Advice" because she had only sold 9 Spots @ $290 ea! and wanted my advice on what to do about the 3 remaining spots,

So.....I told her....let's see, you have 9 biz committed for $290.....= $2,610 and your cost is $560.....let's see.....right now...as we speak.....if You choose to "Shut It Down".....YOU will wind up with CASH IN FIST of $2,610 - $560 = $2,050!

So.....what if you were to go back to 3 who rejected your offer OR.....go to 3 NEW prospects....show them the NINE who've accepted and.....offer them $100 for the same deal! This will bring your CASH IN YER JEANS an extra $300 for a total of .....$2,350!

HEY! $2,350 is more than $2,050! On my cheapie, Solar, $6, Calculator!

So.....guess what.....she just phoned me and.....SHE GOT THE 3!

Now.....this is NOT "Long-Term" retirement stuff..... BUT.....what SHE did was to "EASE THE STRESS" of wondering whether she can PAY her rent....or Buy Gas or....Food!

SHE NOW HAS $2,350 COMING IN ON A SIMPLE IDEA THAT SHE.....WENT OUT AND COLLECTED LOCAL CHECKS FOR! YOU kiddin' ME! There are 92 MILLION people in AMERICA who have STOPPED LOOKING FOR A JOB! You will NEVER HEAR THIS FROM NEWS MEDIA! The truth is.....these people are NOT included in the "UN-Employment" numbers! What you WILL hear and read (Makes ME Sick) is that....our present "REGIME" has caused a FIVE-POINT FIVE UN-Employment Rate!

HORSE-HOCKEY! IN MY HUMBLE OPINION.....US "AMERICANS" ARE BEING LIED TO DAILY, BY OUR GUMMIT....about how ....the Economy is doing! Ya Right.....I'll take you to folks in MY area who've been LOOKING FOR A JOB....FOR THE LAST 6 YEARS! TO NO AVAIL!

Anyways.....I got excited about what a "Single-Mom" has done.....so...I thought I'd share it with you.

AND......I got a BIG HUG today..... and.....thanks for letting me relay this REAL LIFE experience on this Forum.

Don Alm.....I WORK FOR HUGS!

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