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Don Alm
April 13, 2015, 04:52 PM
Gee Willikers Folks.....you come HERE to the SowPub to .....maybe....be refreshed and be Motivated for "possibilities" of what OTHERS have DONE.....so that maybe little ol' YOU would be Motivated to "TRY something other than what you're doing to earn money!

Yoy see some "ideas" BUT.....you DON'T ACT ON THEM! What you waitin' fer? Someone to "Hold Yer Hand and take you thru the "Field-Of-Battle"?

TEN yrs ago....April of 2005.....a buddy told me he'd like to sell his car BUT.....he's had very little interest on Craig's List and Classified Ads and he wonderered if I had a suggestion.

So.....I remembered a guy who set up a "Autos For Sale By Owner" LOT. on a vacant lot in my town.

it was a Monday and I phoned the County FairGrounds and asked what they'd charge for ME to "rent" one of their outside parking lots for the coming weekend.

They responded with....$150 for BOTH Days! I told them to HOLD IT FOR ME, I'LL BE RIGHT OVER!

So.....I went to the FairGrounds Office.....filled out their Forms and gave them a Check for $150.....to reserve the space for me in MAY!

I then went back to my "Man-Cave" and made up a "PRESS RELEASE" and printed it out and went over to my local NewsPaper.....gave it to the person in charge of "Press Releases".....and also asked what the charge would be to run a 4" hi by 2" column wide Ad in their UpComing Sunday Edition.

I paid for the Ad; "SELL YOUR CAR OR TRUCK FAST!" Come out to the FairGrounds next Sat Morn at 8am to get a Space!"

THAT was IT! On Friday afternoon me and my buddy set up a Banner and 2 poles (with Flags) across the entrance to the parking lot I rented.

We got there at 7am and.....had vehicles LINED UP....wiling to pay $50 for 1 day or $75 for BOTH Days!

Guess what.....ALL 120 paid the $75 for BOTH days!

We did this for 2 years and.....GUESS WHAT.....this morning I phoned my "old" contact at the FairGrounds and......the Fee is STILL $150 a weekend for that lot!

Excuse me folks.....our Gummit (IMHO) has removed the "Entroopeneerism Spirit".....so what are YOU.....who are clicking into THIS Forum gonna do?

Just be a "Bump-ona-Log" and sit there and read about what I and others like me have done in our lives.....and are STILL DOING........WITHOUT BEING DEPENDENT UPON ANYONE OTHER THAN.....OURSELVES!

Yikes! My Grand Kids will be living in a totally DIFFEERENT America in a few years!

WHY? WHAT will YOU do.....to change it? Stay in yer "J.O.B" hoping yer 401Ks or savings account or Medicare will be WAITING FOR.....YOU! OR, hoping that when your Parents.....who were "More Industrious" than you.... Pass On.....they will leave YOU with a Pile of Cash to "retire" on!

Yeah....Right! I own some Swamp Land in Elkton Oregon. Ya interested in buyin' it?

"GET REAL People!"

Don Alm......self-dependent all my life

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