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Don Alm
April 16, 2015, 01:47 PM
In 5 days (4-21) Google is going to be "demoting" (whatever that means) websites if they AREN'T Mobile-Friendly!

This got 2 of my "students" excited a few weeks ago when they first heard about it. HOWEVER.....because G did not make a big thing about it....I told them to NOT focus on that as being the MAIN reason to pay for Mobile....Focus on how many people now have Mobile devices and.....if they aren't Mobile-Friendly they WILL lose bizness!

And.....I told them to get familiar with DudaMobile as a quick way to make;
1) MockUps
2) Build Mobile Sites

Which they did and.....I'd like to share with the Forum one thing which has made them SERIOUS MONEY!

It is.....as they were out prospecting in person.....showing biz owners, especially restaurant owners, what their website looked like and what it COULD look like.....they found, hard to believe in the year 2015, a number of restaurants that did NOT have websites!

So.....what to do if the software program you're using for MockUps is ONLY setup to work with existing websites!

2 (expensive) software programs they bought would do a great job with MockUps of existing sites but.....if a biz did not have a site.....nada!

So.....we took a close look at other MockUp Makers and drilling down into DudaMobile we found that Duda COULD.

In fact.....I found a Video on making a mobile site WITHOUT a Website or even without a FaceBook page....using DudaMobile and here's the link to the Video;


In fact.....this is Kristie's 3rd video in her DudaMobile series and you will benefit by watching Videos 1,2 & 4 also.

Have a great day,

Don Alm

Oh....Duda's only $9/mo

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